NVIDIA case study


Setting the digital foundation for NVIDIA's pivot to AI

Changing customers

NVIDIA, a long-time consumer hardware company that makes GPUs and other parallel processing solutions, has spent the last decade pivoting to focus on developing new industry solutions after it discovered its GPUs could power the world's most demanding AI processes.

A company that was once dominated by the gaming and consumer electronics industries now plays with leading companies in virtually every industry. As a fresh UX designer on the digital experience team, it was my job to rethink NVIDIA's foundational content strategy and approach to software.

The example above shows one of the many enterprise marketing page redesigns I led. I used a combination of UX analysis tools, including heatmaps and qualitative studies, to deliver content strategy recommendations to the Product Marketing team. I redesigned their solution pages from the ground-up to speak to business customers and show real-world use cases of NVIDIA enterprise solutions.

Enter the Omniverse

Omniverse is NVIDIA's big bet in 3D and metaverse application creation. I designed the desktop Omniverse app, including an app store and workflow management screen.

Users downloaded the Omniverse desktop app after purchasing access through the NVIDIA website and used it to download apps, manage files, and launch workflows.

New product detail pages

One of the most contentious and important webpages in all of NVIDIA was its GeForce graphics card product pages. NVIDIA increasingly placed a focus on direct-to-consumer sales, elevating the importance of its product detail pages (PDPs).

I led a deep analysis of how users engaged with the GeForce pages, including heatmaps, analytics, session recordings, and qualitative user studies. I presented the findings to the GeForce consumer marketing team and worked with them to redesign the PDPs to be more efficient with screen real estate and ultimately increase click-through rate.

The resulting wireframe, shown above, leveraged new responsive web components that departed from legacy full-width images.

Unified NVIDIA login experience

By far my most technically challenging and political project at NVIDIA, I successfully designed and launched a new account management and sign-up experience that worked for all of NVIDIA's 20+ products. I started with GeForce NOW since it was a newer software product.

As NVIDIA strengthened its software offerings, it offered cloud gaming as a popular alternative to local GPU gaming that was too expensive and bulky for casual gamers. The new GeForce NOW experience demanded a fast sign-up process, seamless account management, and easy game transfers to ensure users would stick with the platform among a strong list of competitors.

The redesigned account experience rolled out to all NVIDIA software and hardware products, and paired with a backend redesign to unify user accounts.

Edge and corner cases

Redesigning NVIDIA's account experience was a technically challenging UX project because of all the internal systems powering its various software solutions and the many edge cases, such as signing up for GeForce NOW with a gift code.

The screenshot above shows a fraction of the complicated user flows I had to constantly design and tweak.