ACH 101 Ebook

A go-to resource guide that introduces potential customers to Dwolla

Providing a resource for potential customers and creating a product onramp

Dwolla is a financial tech startup that connects businesses to the ACH Network with a platform that moves money. Their platform uses the ACH, or Automated Clearing House network. The network is very confusing and hard to grasp, so we created an ebook that provides an explanation of the ACH and an onramp to the Dwolla platform,

The problem

Explaining the Automated Clearing House Network, the underlying technology that moves $24 Billion dollars through the U.S. economy each year, is no easy feat. Trying to convince customers that Dwolla is the ideal platform to move their money is even more difficult. I needed to design an ebook that explained the ACH in great detail, and provided information about Dwolla's product offerings.


I outlined several goals before redesigning this graphic:

  1. Explain the Automated Clearing House network
  2. Describe the various Dwolla transfer types
  3. Position Dwolla as the leading ACH platform


This ebook was a collaboration between the Copywriter and I. We began by brainstorming a content structure and I suggested we start with a "In this ebook you will learn..." section. We then moved through the different sections and I brainstormed graphics to complement each of them. I knew that I needed to include the Dwolla transfer types graphics that I designed for an earlier project, because they effectively explain Dwolla's products. I modified these graphics to be generic to the ACH.

The ebook cover was meant to be compelling above all else, but I wanted to evoke motion and speed, which are two key staples of the Dwolla platform. The rest of the ebook follows the same illustration style.

Integrating CTAs

Another important part of this ebook was to include calls to action. I integrated three main types of CTAs throughout the book: customer quotes, security practices, and a developer-specific message urging readers to try the Dwolla sandbox environment. I designed the CTAs so that they were helpful rather than intrusive by placing them between sections and ensuring their content was relevant to the ebook content.

Type layout

I went back and forth on the layout for the text in this document many times. In some versions, I had two columns of justified text, but I ended up choosing two columns with left-aligned text. I sourced real-world magazines and books for examples and learned that many publications left-justify column text for legibility. I also learned that Dwolla typically uses left-aligned text in other designs, so it made sense to keep it consistent. I spent lots of time and consideration ensuring the type was properly organized and spaced in this document.

A Transfer Timeline graphic to represent the concept visually


This ebook is the first resource of its kind, providing a single handbook for understanding how the ACH network works. The book provides information to potential customers and creates an onramp to the Dwolla platform by integrating calls to action. This ebook has yet to launch, but it is anticipated to be the leading content marketing piece for Dwolla.