Dwolla Rebrand

Refreshing the look of a B2B SaaS financial technology startup

Redefining the brand for a payments platform

Dwolla is a business-to-business software-as-a-servce company that connects businesses to the U.S. economy. Its customers range from personal finance apps, to healthcare, to real estate companies — all of which need a simple way to move money through the internet.

The project

Since its founding in 2010, Dwolla had experienced a number of changes. They originally launched as a P2P business with the mission to take down the credit card, but have since moved into the B2B payments platform industry. Fast forward today and they're growing rapidly after finding their niche. Because of their updated products and mission, the company needed a new look to reflect their new direction.


I begin every project by defining a set of keywords to guide my design. The keywords for this project are:

  1. Network
  2. Speed
  3. Reliability
  4. Platform


This concept introduces the three layers that are reinforced throughout the site and Dwolla’s marketing efforts. The three layers represent the User Interface, Dwolla’s API and the ACH Network. This interpretive image shows the cohesion of the three layers and indicates movement in a strong, secure direction. The simple icon is readable, recognizable and clear without losing its flexibility and ability to be interpretive (for example, the white space of the layers creates arrows trending up). The icon lends itself to several other iterations, particularly with how the layers overlap and the endless options presented by the hexagonal shape. This concept is durable, scales nicely and is a visual representation of what Dwolla does—seamlessly move money.


The previous Dwolla colors still incorporated the main orange but were a bit too carrot-orange. The new colors are more subdued and feature a broader, calmer gradient.


The platform pieces play well into the rest of the website mockup.

The full Dwolla.com homepage
Another logo concept that I presented


The Dwolla rebrand recently launched and we are tracking results.