Technology Association of Iowa

Iowa Technology Summit

A brand new tech conference that broke attendance expectations

Launching a new destination tech conference

The Technology Association of Iowa wanted to create a new conference that would bring together hundreds of tech workers from Iowa and neighboring states to talk about technology and highlight Iowa as a destination for job seekers. The conference would feature an opening party and a full day of breakouts, plus a keynote session featuring the former White House CIO.

The project

Since the Iowa Tech Summit was a first-run conference, I knew that something colorful and unique would be needed. I also had to prepare a brand that would work in lots of digital and print pieces — so cohesiveness was priority. Ultimately, the end goal was to bring in 600 attendees. The conference surpassed the registration target and was sold out several weeks prior to the event.


I begin every project by defining a set of keywords to guide my design. The keywords for this project are:

  1. Tech
  2. Network
  3. Partnerships
  4. Fun (youthful)


This logo is simple and is meant to be more subdued so the underlying red background motif can shine through. The logo is a simple take on the event "banner" style and is meant to invoke feelings of a fun summer conference. It also needed to incorporate other elements in some use cases, such as the sponsor logo and conference date.

Iowa Tech Summit logo


Previously the Technology Association of Iowa was only using the red and light blue colors. I introduced the yellow and dark blue colors into the Tech Summit brand to add more depth to the design. The colors also played well in other environments, such as the event schedule, which incorporated the new colors in a timeline graphic.


The underlying "circuit board" style draws from the tech and network keywords. It's subtle, but it adds context to an otherwise simple design.

Branding applications
Event stage with logo sign
Event signage


The first ever Iowa Tech Summit brought in 700+ attendees, which surpassed the goal of 600 attendees and created a lasting brand that will carry through the upcoming annual conferences. With the combination of great branding and great event planning, the conference is known as the end-all-be-all tech conference in Iowa.