MWCS Rebrand

Midwest Contractor Services

Elevating a commercial remodeling business to a high-end renovation service

Repositioning a low-margin remodeling company to a high-end renovation designer

Midwest Contractor Services  was focused primarily on commercial and short, low-margin remodeling projects but wanted to move into a high-end remodeling business. Their services range from kitchen and bathroom remodels to full structural and roofing remodels.

The project

MWCS was struggling to turn a solid profit and grow their brand because most of their work was completed on a very short timeline and was purely functional. By introducing a mix of long-term full redesigns and short-term functional remodels, they were repositioning themselves. They needed a new brand to match their new business.


I begin every project by defining a set of keywords to guide my design. The keywords for this project are:

  1. Refined
  2. Streamlined
  3. Quality
  4. Trustworthy


This logo focuses on refinement and is designed to be simple. The tall, thin font paired with the striking Futura typeface in the seal is meant to highlight feelings of luxury and refinement.


The pairing of the dark blue and subtle gold indicate a luxury and high-end focus on quality. The use of the dark blue as the primary color (as opposed to white) creates a dark canvas to further promote feelings of luxury.


The shape that fills the canvas is meant to resemble a wood grain, a subtle nod to craftsmanship and attention to detail. The use of simple, angular pieces creates a simple look. The use of high quality photography shows real world example of the company's work.

Branding package
Website homepage


After the rebrand and their new focus on remodels, Midwest Contractor Services saw over $1.5 million YoY revenue increase. Their new website also saw a huge traffic increase, and potential customers had a clear path of communication if they wanted to ask about services.