Monetery Summit

A stunning design for a tech & venture capital summit

Creating a brand for the second annual Monetery Summit

Dwolla is a financial tech startup that offers a software solution to businesses that allows them to move money through the U.S. economy. The Monetery Summit is an event that brings together venture capitalists and technology thought leaders to talk about creating value in the Midwest. The conference is an opportunity for venture capitalists to learn about startups that exist in the Midwest and for tech workers to meet other professionals.

The project

The first Monetery Summit was an experiment and branding was a missed opportunity, so for its second year in existence, Monetery needed a rebrand. I needed to create a flashy brand to draw the attention of potential attendees and a website highly optimized to drive ticket sales.


I begin every project by defining a set of keywords to guide my design. The keywords for this project are:

  1. Network
  2. Invest in the Midwest
  3. Build
  4. Create
  5. Learn

The Design

I went through five concepts for this event, but ultimately landed on a concept that hit all of the above-mentioned keywords. The design is a unique pattern that evokes networking and technology, and provides layout flexibility between print and web pieces. The colors are a combination of the main Dwolla orange and a new vibrant blue color. The blue shape is an enlarged hexagon, which ties back in with the overall Dwolla hexagon logo. The curved "network" pieces evoke feelings of relationship, change, and sharing. The whole design is full of contrast and detail.

The name "Monetery" is intentionally spelled wrong for SEO reasons, but we recognized that it may be confusing to people. One of my design goals was to split up the word into two chunks, "MONE" and "TERY' to create a more legible version of the word.

The 2019 Monetery poster design


The Monetery logo is the launchpad for a larger logo series. The series can be manipulated to feature announcements, dates, speakers and more. The design features a title-case "Monetery" to increase legibility from the previous years' upper-case. The new technical font introduced adds onto the hallmark Dwolla fonts.

It's all in the details

The pattern of this design is very unique, so I wanted to ensure complete consistency between all print and digital pieces. Part of that was creating tedious measurements and guides to ensure the pattern was spaced evenly. It's little, and most people might not notice, but details create timeless designs.


I went through a full sketch - wireframe - mockup process to create an optimized layout for the Monetery website. Since the tickets paid, a primary focus is to drive ticket sales. I wanted to incorporate ticket CTAs in areas that made sense and provide easy-to-consume content. The website has yet to be developed, but the wireframe below has been approved.

The Monetery logo series

Monetery website mockup


The Monetery Summit will be held in spring 2019 and tickets have not yet gone on sale, but this brand definitely promotes Dwolla as a leader in the Midwest startup community and will encourage higher ticket sales. The brand has been used to present sponsorship opportunities and has driven over $70,000 in new sponsorship money.