Student Voice

Student Voice Rebrand

A vibrant brand that matches the energy of a youth nonprofit

Students stand up for school equity

Student Voice is a student-run nonprofit that aims to create more equitable schools across the country. By developing a Student Bill of Rights, a list of things every student should have access to, they hope to empower students to fight for change in their communities. The organization partners students in the U.S. with a network of people who can help, and enables students to create local chapters.

The project

Being a student-run nonprofit, I knew that their old brand wasn't reaching their target audience. Along with a fresh coat of paint, I also incorporated a new marketing strategy for Student Voice. Previously the organization focused mainly on social media marketing — which reached a young audience, but didn't encourage participation. I prepared a rebrand strategy that would move the organization in a content marketing direction.


I begin every project by defining a set of keywords to guide my design. The keywords for this project are:

  1. Youthful
  2. Activism
  3. Energy
  4. Grassroots
  5. Political change


This logo is an abstract take on the literal "speech bubble" icon that existed previously. This new logo is recognizable, consists of an adjusted typeface, and still packs deeper meaning. The striking icon paired with the more rounded typeface creates a very vibrant duality.


The previous colors for the Student Voice brand were lacking consistency and energy. The new system is bright, bold, and youthful. These colors draw attention, and because they're carried throughout the brand in unique ways, it makes you want to keep looking through all of the Student Voice content.


The elements of this rebrand is without a doubt the coolest part. From speech bubbles to fists to actual student activists, it sends a strong message. A message that is bold, powerful, and youthful. The resulting brand encapsulates everything that Student Voice is.

Website Homepage
Document cover
Student Bill of Rights


This rebrand generated lots of new attention for Student Voice and helped the organization receive two grants it had applied for. It also brought in several new chapter programs, and the newly designed content was shared on social media by educators all across the country.