Waukee Innovation and Learning Center

Designing a brand for a revolutionary education space

Creating artwork to complement a revolutionary education space

The Waukee Innovation and Learning Center is home to Waukee APEX, a program that brings together students, business professionals, and community members. Students work on real-world projects and learn industry skills as opposed to spending their day in a traditional high school setting.

The project

Waukee Aspring Professional Experience was an innovative idea that needed an equally innovative building. The Waukee Innovation and Learning Center is what resulted — and it was my task to create a brand that draws inspiration from the architecture.


I begin every project by defining a set of keywords to guide my design. The keywords for this project are:

  1. Innovative
  2. Collaborative
  3. Modern


This logo has the most interesting story of all the logos I've designed. I sat on the idea for several weeks and made some sketches, but none of them were hits. It wasn't until I saw a birds-eye view of the building on Google Maps that I was inspired. The triangular shape of the building is exactly what I needed to highlight in my design — it perfectly illustrates the collaborative nature of the APEX program.

I also knew that a "Concentrak" style was the way to go. This style is popular for modern venues and is reminiscent of the colored lines found throughout the building. The fonts I chose match the fonts of the APEX logo and create a modern look.


The colors of this brand are pulled directly from the decorative pieces within the building. The brand perfectly encapsulates the building design as a result.


The Concentrak style plays through the other designs in unique ways. The dark green color is used to evoke a unique experience for events and welcome signage, where simpler white designs is used for functional pieces.

WILC Grand Opening event
Inside the actual building, where the colors were derived
Tim Cook visiting the building after announcing a community investment
The installed art piece


Since opening, the WILC has had several high-profile visitors including Apple CEO Tim Cook and White House advisor Ivanka Trump. Prior to his visit, Cook announced a $100 million dollar investment in the Waukee community and a new data center. The building continues to be a hotspot for business leaders all across the country, providing students the opportunity to collaborate with them.

This logo design also won a Gold Award in the 2017 Scholastic Art and Writing awards design category.